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Moonrocks (Large) INJECTED & COATED


We took our Og bud and dipped it in a bath or our Live Og Wax

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  • We took our OG bud and dipped it in a bath of our Live Og Wax. We then powder coat it in 175 micron dry sift and threw it in the oven….. The result is our epic hash tasting Sunrock. This is a limited drop for our veteran smokers. The large has 1.5-2G grams of concentrate and weigh 3.5-4 grams. The best way to use it is mix it with other dry flower in a joint or blunt or if you don’t mind the mess hit a bong.

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    1. Ricardo Barbosa (verified owner)

      First time with this product. Very eye popping with all that goodness. Smokes nice in a bowl. Very happy with this
      Major Tom approved 💥👊🏻🤯

      • Northern Meds

        Thank you!!!!

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