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Grape Ape Diamonds


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    1. djfullspectrum (verified owner)

      Beautiful extraction of one of my favourite strains. I’m definitely coming back for more

    2. Benjamin Marshall (verified owner)

      I love Northern Meds hands down and chop em off cuz these Diamonds is AMAZING. I love this place, simple , affordable, great service and primo Quality. Highly recommend !!)

    3. Mitch (verified owner)

      Feel the love for you folks. Best service hands down. Great product. Always on time. You rock

    4. Mitch (verified owner)

      I love this stuff o yummy and strong

    5. NiceDreams84 (verified owner)

      Nice clean diamonds with a beautiful flavor, one of my favorite concentrates from here.

    6. Tony fahy (verified owner)

      Very potent and tasty stuff on it’s own and I’ve have started dabbing it with y’alls Greasy Pink sauce, tis a delight

    7. abidali19990423 (verified owner)

      taste good, and decent potency

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