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Pineapple Express Meds Gummies 20x15MG (300mg THC)


20 gummy pieces infused with 15mg each.

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  • 20 gummy pieces infused with 15mg each. They’re delicious, sour and are perfect to dose yourself as you can take them in increments of 15mg up to 300mg!

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    1. DaddysGal (verified owner)

      I barely remember the week between Christmas and New Year thanks to these. Extremely potent little bears. You’d do well to start with half a dose and let them deliciously dissolve in your mouth for a quicker hit, instead of chewing them!

    2. Kae

      These gummies are amazing! They’re incredibly potent and super tasty. If you’re just starting with edibles or this is your first time trying this brand, I highly recommend going with a third (10mg THC) or half (15 mg THC) a bear. These tiny bears pack a huge hit and blend incredibly well with the CBD Pineapple Express gummies if you find the effect from THC edibles to be intense. My usual combination is 1/2 (15 mg THC) or 3/4 (22.5 mg THC) of a THC bear with half a CBD bear (10 mg CBD). Highly recommend this product and this site!

      • Northern Meds

        we are happy to see you enjoy the service.

    3. Gary Foote

      Work great for my wife’s insomnia . Are they indica or sativa?

    4. oprolevorter

      It’s laborious to search out educated people on this matter, but you sound like you know what you’re speaking about! Thanks

    5. Jimmy Jim Jim Shabbadoo (verified owner)

      Holy bahjeebus!!! So I showed up to a Boys weekend and in the first 10 minutes, ate a whole gummy, a small pot cookie and tequila shot. Less than and hour later I was thinking about global economic collapse, why the hell am I working and I need to pack up my family and move to the wilderness off the grid. My mind was out of control but it was just too funny where it went. I had a huge laugh about it later and ate a 1/2 gummy the next day in the morning (no tequila or cookie) and cruised pleasantly through the day with my friends until it was time to go home. These are very strong and if you’re chronic one will hit the spot perfectly. Casual users should go for 1/3 to 1/2. Even that still packs a punch. Thanks for making it happen Northern Meds.

    6. Jazz

      Just quality! These pack the perfect punch in just one gummy, took 2 once and it was A TRIP! Its all in the game 😉 super nice!

    7. cabe (verified owner)

      Great customer!
      They were very helpful.
      Highly recommended!

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