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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a scam? Is this even for real?

We have been able to maintain an excellent reputation by word of mouth advertising, and steady repeat clientele as a private, invite only website. We have decided to take a leap of faith and now let the general public in Canada order off of us.

Who ships your order and where are they located?

All of our shippers who assemble and ship your order are Health Canada licensed patients. All hold proper documents and are licensed to grow, transport and consume marijuana. They are located in various regions across Canada and work together to fulfill your complete order.


What exactly happens after ordering?

If a customer uses their correct address your package will arrive always without problem. When a customer changes their address after we have shipped your order we cannot change it as all our packages are one way trips that are non-returnable. Currently we have never had a package go missing when a customer follows instructions.